One place understood helps us understand all places better.

Eudora Welty


Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A Movie Poem

The following poem is a response to William Butler Yeats' poem:

A poem I actually heard recited by the actress Amy Irving in the movie "Bossa Nova".

Always give all the heart

Always give all the heart
without conditions
and do not start in
indecision or
you will find the heart stops.

Never give in to the play,
the so weary scenes
will waste the day,
Always give your heart away
so that it may
come back to you.

Always remember the heart
takes logic into small account
never to amount to certainty
For what the heart knows
with certitude
we often reject.

So, always give all the heart
the cost is small
for the prize that comes
And this from one
who gave all his heart,
gave all his heart
until he won.