One place understood helps us understand all places better.

Eudora Welty


Sunday, December 15, 2019


This is a poem I sent to my poetry teacher. I'm afraid she completely missed the point of the poem. She thought I was trying a poor imitation of William Carlos Williams. I was really trying to take some imagist poetry and recast it in sound. I think I quit trying to communicate with her after that.

So, the first Audible below is WCW's "The Red Wheelbarrow" (a very famous imagist poem) as I hear it.


The second Audible is old Ezra Pound's two line poem (again very famous) "In a Station of the Metro" as I hear it.


The third Audible is Hilda Doolittle's imagist poem "Epigram" as I hear it.



Push the red wheelbarrow
Hear it pop and bang and whumpf
when it bottoms a hole

And parts a cloud of white chicks
As it wedges its way
to more serious work.

In the station of the Metronome
Hear the steady click-clack
and whoosh-rumble of the cars

As the PA announces the arrival
of yet another glazed apparition
bringing the weather report.

The golden butterfly is gone
pinned through the wings
to make a slide-show image

Those wings could have beat
a rhythm, a clear chatter
to be seen and heard.