One place understood helps us understand all places better.

Eudora Welty

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

White flowering tree
White flowering tree
Who sent you?
Your neighboring pines
don't catch my eye.

There in the sunlight
hidden by the foreground
trees don't display
for my delight.

Yet in the light
your cupped white
petals outshine
all the muted others.

White flowering tree
the wind gives you
motion, like you're dancing
on an ocean
of sea green.

But dancing for me?
Who sent the wind?
So that you could
pretend, to wave
to me?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Poetry Like Water

William Carlos Williams, a New Jersey doctor and Anglo-American poet, is probably best known for his poem “The Red Wheelbarrow”. But that poem was a result of his brief Imagist period when he and other poets tried to capture a scene in as few words as possible.
Image courtesy of the Beinecke Rare Book
& Manuscript Library, Yale University

You can read my reaction to Imagism at:

After Imagism he spent most of his life searching for a new American poetry, a new cadence and rhyme, with an American diction.

American free verse he felt had been taken as far as it could by its originator, Walt Whitman. And while he was impressed by the poetry of his contemporary, T.S. Eliot, he had no desire to follow in his footsteps as when he complained:

“There was heat in us,” he wrote, “a core and a drive that was gathering headway upon the theme of a rediscovery of a primary impetus, the elementary principle of all art, in the local conditions. Our work staggered to a halt for a moment under the blast of Eliot’s genius which gave the poem back to the academics. We did not know how to answer him.” 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The instructions

Copyright Homelegance
Tab one
into slot one
Tab two
into slot two
into evening
Day one
without you.

part A
ninety degrees
to part B
And screw
three, three-eights
wood screws
into holes marked
one, two, three.

Day two
without you
I've accomplished
a lot,
the drain
the rain
turned down
the bed
and laid

how we fit
so well
then quit
the instructions
don't tell.